Looking for Collaborators and Interns

I am currently working in the music industry as a freelancer, and am a member of Above and Beyond Music, an international music licensing startup company.

Above and Beyond Music’s current and past clients include Disney, 20th Century Studios, HBO, NBC, PBS, Hulu, Netflix, MegaTrax, EMI Production Music London, and a CBS Super Bowl commercial, to name a few.

I offer training in the following subjects:

  • Getting started earning money with your music

  • Music production

  • Mixing and mastering

  • Music theory

  • Orchestration and harmony

  • Piano and bass guitar

  • Personal development

I am currently working on several projects:

  • Creating royalty-free music for content creators and promoting this through YouTube

  • Working on custom music projects, such as documentaries, movies, and advertisements

  • Creating production music (albums) for music licensing opportunities and music libraries

Are you up to working together and/or learning about music production? If yes, and if the following qualifications describe you, please respond to this ad through the contact form below with the subject line “I’m Qualified”:

  • Professional and responsible

  • Experience with music production, songwriting, composing and/or mixing and mastering (not a hard requirement)

  • Experience in other creative fields, such as writing, video production, illustration, 3D, et cetera (not a hard requirement)

  • No drug / alcohol abuse

  • High energy, good with people and willing to work hard

In your response, please add a link to a resume along with links to all your social media. Thank you. Looking forward to talking with you!

Robert Lanting
Media Music Composer, Lanting Music



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